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    Whether it be providing a stable income without capital erosion, or re-investing your returns while protecting your capital, our wide range of investments can be tailor-made to meet your needs.

    We can diversify your assets through any or all of the following investments – and more!
    • Bank Deposits • Low Volatility Funds • Property • Stocks & Shares • Managed Growth Funds • Commodities • Guaranteed Funds • Hedge Funds • Specialist Sector Funds •

    "We get your money to work for you."


    Many people put off making the necessary plans for their future life. Unfortunately, doing what is easy in the short term can seriously impact your lifestyle in years to come. In short the cost of delaying your decisions is large. As financial planners, we help people to reach their medium and long term financial goals.

    "We help our clients build the capital they need to secure their future and that of their family" 



     Today people are retiring earlier and living longer. That makes it more important than ever to plan carefully for retirement. Not everybody can picture themselves as 'officially' retired, but as you get older, you have an increasing need to be financially secure. Building enough funds to be financially independent is usually an achievable goal for a professional as long as it is not left too late.

    We cannot promise you the life of luxury in retirement but we can help you save for the future to ensure your financial security. By planning early you can build up a far larger fund for retirement than might otherwise be possible


    Little and often ...

    Probably the most effective way of building up capital of any significance is by saving money on a regular basis. By planning ahead, you can make sure you can meet your future goals, without having to make disastrous cuts in your living standards.

    "Whatever your financial goals we can help you reach them"


    One of the most common expenses for which we help our clients to plan, is to meet the costs of fully educating their children.

    Providing a child with a first class tertiary education can be extremely costly, especially if financial support cannot be obtained. Planning for these costs is an essential and significant commitment

    After all, its not a nice position to find oneself, as a professional, telling your children that they cannot have the education they deserve.



    Whichever financial advisor you use, you should always have the following questions answered:

    • What areas of advice does your advisor specialise in?
    • Do they specialise in a particular type of client?
    • What other advisory services do they offer?
    • Do they have a fixed approach to financial planning
    • Will they review your situation on an ongoing basis?
    • How are they paid for their services?
    • How are they connected to the companies they recommend?
    • What levels of security and protection do they offer?