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    To plan for your future you must set goals:

    • To stop work and live a life at leisure
    • To start my own business
    • To educate my children at a good university
    • To be financially independent
    • To pay off my mortgage bond
    • To become a dollar millionaire
    • To retire in comfort

    "Whatever your financial goals are, we can help you reach them"


    1) Prioritise the present and the future

    Your monthly savings and investments (as a percentage of your income) should equal half your age.

    When you're 20, you can save 10% of your income - but when you're 50 you need to save 25%.

    2)Make sure your plans are sound

    Speak to a qualified, professional financial advisor to be sure you don't waste your hard earned savings.

    3) Be disciplined

    Keep your investment plans in place, and keep saving over the years.


    The Basics of Financial Planning

    One complaint that we often hear is that an individual would like to invest but they don't have the money. The following article may help you to take a step in the right direction.

    Financial planning may help many people to overcome the lack of ability to save for investment. With proper planning you will be able to establish goals and save up money to meet those goals.


    How to start personal financial planning for yourself

    "To begin the financial planning process, you need specific financial goals. In listing these specific goals, establish a date to meet the goals and list your ideas for what you can do to meet your goals. At first these goals may seem unobtainable but continuing the planning process will enable you to evaluate  these goals and modify as necessary."

    "To see where you are currently, list the value of all your assets and what you owe. Subtract your debts from your assets and you have your current net worth. Next look at your budget. Your aim should be to attempt to increase  your income and/or reduce your expenditures so that you have savings to meet your initial goals. If on the first try you are short of funds, do not despair."

    "Review your consumption patterns. Are your financial goals worth driving an older automobile? Are you shopping for the best prices? What current expenses that you have are unnecessary?"

    "By getting your finances in order, you will gain funds to save and invest toward your goals. If you do not have sufficient funds to meet your goals modify them.  Look for opportunities in the future to re-establish these goals. Seek the aid of financial professionals, educate yourself with personal finance books and magazines."

    Getting More Advice

    Southern Cross can provide a tailor-made solution to suit most budgets and financial goals. To find out more about taking advantage  of secure investment opportunities, your first step should be to arrange a free personal consultation.

    There is no obligation or cost involved and most people find it is time well spent whether they become a client or not.