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    The investment world has changed radically in the last decade. Two periods of equity market collapse, volatile commodity prices, illiquid property markets and rising inflation have made investors cautious. Today's professionals can no longer simply place their capital in a single asset class.

    We can assist you in setting up an investment account that is transparent, flexible and controllable. You can direct which assets to invest in, which currency, and which areas of the world to grow and diversify your wealth. 

    Bank deposits

    Low risk bank deposits unfortunately usually provide a return less than inflation. By giving you the right advice we can get you better rates of return on your savings through money market investments, fixed deposits and more.

    Low risk investments

    Increasingly international investors are seeking to invest for capital growth in a low risk environment. Those investing to provide themselves with an income also look to stable dependable returns. We advise on the best low volatility funds to beat  the bank rates without exposing you to equity market fluctuations.

    Property Investments

    Whether it be residential property or commercial property exposure, we advise our clients on how to diversify their portfolios, to reduce the risk of a collapse in any one market.

    Equity investments

    For those who can plan in the longer term , and look for returns over five to ten years, equities have historically outperformed  most other investments. You can speak to our advisers about reducing the risk of your investments with various strategies and guarantees.

    Our vast range of fund managers, insurers and multi-managers systematically analyse your portfolio to make sure you are only invested in the most attractive prospects.


    Investors in Gold have benefited from over ten years of solid growth. We believe that exposure to Gold and other commodities provide a valuable hedge against inflation, as part of a diversified portfolio.

    Specialist Strategies

    Hedge funds and alternative strategies are increasingly part of the holdings of more sophisticated investors. Long/ short investment strategies give equity returns throughout the economic cycle. Traded endowments, with profit bonds and other secure assets can give equity exposure with little downside risk. Less common areas such as distressed securities and merger arbitrage offer other investments alternatives.

    "Our advisers can provide a tailor-made solution to suit most budgets and financial goals"

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