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    Life Insurance Solutions

    You: are a professional living in Africa. You want to financially protect your family, your business or your assets in the event of your death.


    We: offer unbiased advice on three options:


    1) Annually renewable life insurance

    This insurance cover is the quickest and easiest to set up. It can be applied for online, and cover can be confirmed as soon as your premiums is paid. There is often no need for medical checks. The premiums increase with age and are re-quoted each year

    Click here for a quote and online application.

    2) Fixed premium Term life insurance

    This insurance cover is the lowest cost and simplest to understand. Your life is insured for a fixed period of time (the 'term') The premium is fixed through the term of the plan and will never increase. There is no investment element involved so no risk. This makes it ideal for mortgage protection or business protection.

    Click here to email us for expert advice on insuring your life with term assurance

    3) Whole of life insurance

    This insurance cover is the most complex, but the best for the long term. Your life is insured no matter how long you live. Premiums are initially fixed for a ten year period. There is an investment element, so premiums may be reviewed after ten years. Medical checks are mandatory as the insurer needs to be sure of your long term health status.

    Click here to email us for expert advice on whole of life insurance and the options available