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    How We Secure Your Money.

    Your investment security is assured in a number of ways:

    Our Independence

    Southern Cross do not touch your money in any way. All accounts are registered in your name, not ours, and transactions are only conducted from your account to your account. None of it can be accessed by your personal adviser, by Southern Cross or by anybody else.

    Solid Institutions

    We only place your money with reputable financial institutions. The financial stability of these banks, insurance companies, and fund managers is second to none.

    Stable Currencies

    Planning for the future can only be done accurately when done from a solid base. This guarantees the value of your savings in future years

    Secure Locations

    Your money has to be held in a secure location. We recommend our clients to areas with some of the oldest, most stable governments in the world, and areas that actively reward investors with low tax rates and high confidentiality.

    Investor Protection Legislation

    Our recommendations carry government guarantees, so that even in the event of a disaster, your financial security is assured.